We are striving to promote a POSITIVE image of THE Commonly Stereotyped TOMBOYS™ 
Tomboys, Inc. works to promote and bring positive light to the common “tomboy” stereotype. Breaking the barriers of gender, race, class, age & sexual preference Tomboys, Inc. strives to change the world’s view & the negative connotation attached to the term tomboy. We hope to turn the negative view into that of a positive one for sporty girls & young female athletes alike in order to build confidence & self esteem. Tomboys, Inc. works to be above the status quo & statistics. We love & embrace our womanhood wholeheartedly we just speak for the edgier, sportier women & young girls.
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“Fitteds, tees, bow ties, vests and loose jeans; sure, they were made for boys but tomboys do it so much better.”